An international Nursery and Primary School, where classes are taught in English and French by trained and certified staff.

The school is situated in Kigali, Kimihurura. It is well regarded as a “school of love & caring” by the community it serves. Its founder, Mrs Salila Machiels, a passionate educator, has been involved in creative early childhood education in both Asia and West & East Africa since 1988.

Path to Success aims at making affordable, quality bilingual education available to children both Rwandan and expatriate. Classes are taught in English and French. 

Our trained, certified and dedicated teaching staff are from Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Congo and India. 

The curriculum consists of English, French, Social Studies, Maths, Science and Kinyarwanda. 

Our After School Activities consist of Games, Arts & Crafts, Music & Drama and Sports. 

For children in need of extra support, an Early Intervention program helps to brush up their skills in English and/or French. 

Our teachers operate in continuous assessment mode - to ensure quality in their pedagogy.